Towards the Dream Not Spoken (State of my J Skills)

Blog Entry №.2

I grew up as a child loving basketball and cycling. All my life, I thought that my entire career would pattern after Kobe Bryant or after Michael Jordan. But as years pass by, I can see that I am not meant for such a track because now that I am pursuing a Communication program, I feel that everything that I am doing makes me so grateful, happy, and fulfilled.

But to be honest, when I enrolled in this program, I am uncertain about the turn of events that will be happening. I was so shy, and I was so unmotivated back then because everyone in our block was so great. I feel so small. But right now, I can see that I am improving.

At present, I can say that I am more skilled in outlining, drafting, speaking, role-playing (for dramas, skits, etc.) and less proficient when we talk about writing, researching, and interviewing. However, I also have a promise to myself that I will improve my skillset so that I will be able to give also my best shots that my program is requiring me to devote.

Right now, I am looking forward to our Exposure Training here at our local media stations. Here is in preparation for us as media professionals in the future to be more equipped, critical, and well-principled significant also in serving the truth to the public that which at the very first place is the essence of media and journalism.



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