Knowing Ms. Hanna Jimeno

In the eyes of many, Ms. Hanna Jimeno is a business entrepreneur who owns the now successful Whiskeey’s Diner, but before the delicious recipes, waiting tables, and accommodating customers she first served behind the studio of Z Radio in Baguio City as a reporter, became a disc jockey or in layman’s term radio announcer on Love Radio, worked in the City of Dreams, Manila and now a news anchor at Tirad Pass; in the eyes of her fellow communication students of Saint Louis University, she is one of the best products ever produced by the course and proved that you can be the best of both worlds (entrepreneurship and media world).

When asked why she chose BA Communication as her degree program, she revealed that her parents actually want her to be a lawyer and take political science. According to the wise Carl Sandburg ‘Nothing happens unless first a dream’ and perhaps Ms. Jimeno personified this quotation as she finally came up with herself and considered BA Communication which she claimed to have lots of potential and career paths to choose just like Radio, Television, and Advertising. Perhaps she proves that you can be genuinely interested and passionate about something and still use it as a means of living, and she indeed lives up to her dreams.

We all have, and serve our redemption arc, and the chapter that this equates in her life was when she was teased by her classmates for idolizing the tenured, respected, and well-known journalist Jessica Soho. Little did they know that Ms. Hanna Jimeno would conquer the media field with her charisma, uniqueness, wit, and talent. She said that she finds the communication field fascinating, and she has no regrets about taking the course. In fact, her parents didn’t know that she’ll take BA Communication as her course. She claimed that the communication course made her who she is today. Although she admitted that she considers shifting to law or political science but then she realizes that at the end of the day, she is passionate about media, and she will never know about marketing or advertising, which she used for her current business if it wasn’t for communication.

She also said that she owes the BA Communication all the knowledge she gets and eventually used for her business. Without these pieces of information she gets, the training, the hard work, and the foundation of BA Communication, her business may have never reached the public radar. Her enthusiasm and inspiration to take up this course were because of the one and only Jessica Soho, which she also claimed to be the one giving her entertainment since her childhood. In her college days, one of the current instructors and one of the best the course has, Mrs. Janet S. Tibaldo, once told her that she should be a radio DJ. Although she always loves the entertainment industry that she even considers, and used to dream to become a host or a talk show host, which she eventually achieved in Love Radio, there comes a time that the money she earned already sufficed for her to create or start her business, a restaurant.

She proved that being a journalist isn’t just work, but a way of life, especially when she shared her thoughts about press freedom which she claims is a very tedious process of publishing the truth and the facts because the media can either make you or break you. She believes that it is a fulfillment to be in the media industry, and you have to have thick skin to improve and absorb criticisms. In conclusion, she claims that success is finding passion and having no regrets. She is truly an inspiration and proof that we can all achieve our dreams by believing in ourselves.



Still on the Exploration Phase | BA Communication Student

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