I think everyone has plans or planned to have a vacation with the family, but then, the pandemic started. For ours, we are planning to visit Japan and visit their tourist spots. Learning about others cultures while having quality time with the family surely reduces stress. But before that, a checklist is important to ensure that the family is prepared and would enjoy their vacation at its finest. So come and enjoy yourself as we plan safely to travel outside the country!

Family Vacation Checklist

Here is my ideal wallet. As you can see, I chose the color brown because it symbolizes strength and reliability. Since my wallet has the most needed things inside, I can rely on it anytime or anywhere I go, as to my family also. I put driver’s license because as…

Communication Planning is essential in an organization since it guides and helps them keep on track, be effective, and successful in achieving their desired goals. So here is my mind map about communication planning.


Last May 5, 2021, the Ba Communication students of Saint Louis University attended the Online Media and Coverage of Violence in Indonesia Webinar of Professor Finsensius Purnama from Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, wherein he discussed the Characteristics of Online Journalism, the Emergence of Online Journalism, History of Online Journalism, and Indonesia’s Online Journalism problems. The webinar was successful, and it tackled the essentials, wherein the students also had the chance to ask questions regarding the lecture. Indeed, the webinar was very interactive, and there is new knowledge gained for everyone.

Also, a “Tick-Talk” Webinar for the enhancing of Sophomore skills was held by the 3rd yr Ba Communication students last April 22, which is about Multimedia Storytelling, Web Content Management, and Newswriting and Broadcast Production. The said webinar was very informative, and it lasted about three and a half hours.


In the eyes of many, Ms. Hanna Jimeno is a business entrepreneur who owns the now successful Whiskeey’s Diner, but before the delicious recipes, waiting tables, and accommodating customers she first served behind the studio of Z Radio in Baguio City as a reporter, became a disc jockey or in…

Here is my road map — a graphic representation of my skills.

For my Broadcast-related skills, I can say that I am knowledgeable when it comes to speaking, interviewing people, drafting news articles, broadcasting, and scriptwriting. These are essential skills for a Broadcast Journalist to be competent in his field.

Meanwhile, for my J-skills, some of them include writing, storytelling, social media skills, role-playing, and filming. I find these skills relevant, not only to my future profession but also to my present academic life.

And for me to match all these skills, I will get help or advice from experts who are good in broadcasting or journalism. I will also immerse myself in resources that are related to my program. And lastly, I will always have a positive outlook towards learning, seeing it not as an academic burden but as a choice for development.

Brian Rae Asilo

Still on the Exploration Phase | BA Communication Student

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